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Mechanical & Process Equipment

Mechanical is dedicated to its customers both in product knowledge and service satisfaction. The range of products is available in all common Schulz pipes & fittings and Momento impact sockets.

IMI Precision Engineering

IMI Precision Engineering are a world leader in motion and fluid control technologies. Wherever precision, speed and engineering reliability are essential, we deliver exceptional solutions which improve the productivity and efficiency of our customers' equipment.

Norgren | Maxseal | Herion | Buschjost
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Sigrist Photometer

Sigrist of Switzerland manufactures a range of photometers for a wide range of parameters, with applications in various major industries such as Oil and Gas, Refineries, Petrochemical, Ship Building, Steel Industry, Beer and Beverages, Water Treatment and others.
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Clark Reliance® Filtration & Instruments System

Clark-Reliance’s Filtration provides complete turn-key skidded engineered systems, ASME filtration and separation vessels, aftermarket filtration elements an experienced and knowledgeable engineering staff - creating a unique, single-source provider in the filtration and separation industry.

Clark-Reliance’s Instruments System has the broadest selection of products and technologies to provide you the utmost in plant reliability and process safety.

Level Gauge and Level Instrument | Filtration & Separator System | Filter Elements
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Maxon Combustion System

MAXON Combustion Systems provide state-of-the-art combustion solution maximizing safety and efficiency for industries. We can supply a packaged custom-made solutions, with control panels or individual combustion and control equipment.

Maxon Combustion System is handled by our associate company, Nationwide Oil & Gas Sdn Bhd.
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Honeywell Smart Energy American Meter

Honeywell Smart Energy American Meter and Perfection product lines supply you worldwide with metering solutions, smart meter systems, and a complete line of gas distribution products that allow installers make safe, fast, and easy connections from main to meter and tank to home.
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SGOV Valves

SGOV mainly produces ball valve, gate valve, globe valve, check valve, butterfly valve, valve actuators, temperature and pressure reducing devices, other special valves and industrial pump, etc which can well meet market and customer expection.
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Sunbelt Valves Automation

Sunbelt Supply Co. carries one of the most comprehensive valve automation products and accessories inventories in the world.
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Mankenberg Industrial Valves

Mankenberg's product range comprises industrial valves for controlling the pressure, level and flow of liquids, gases and steam, such as pressure reducing valves, venting/bleeding valves, level control valves, steam traps and many more.
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thuba Explosionproofing Solutions

Partner for internationally certified solutions in explosion protection for your safety (ATEX 95/IEC standards).
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Badotherm Gauges

Badotherm offers a full range of mechanical process instrumentation to measure pressure, temperature and level. All of our products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards and, according to the relevant standards required in the most demanding industries such as the on- and offshore petrochemical industries.
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Momento Impact Sockets

Momento design and produce special tools to meet the individual requirements of every single customer. Momento's power sockets and accessories will fit both impact wrenches, electric nutrunners and hydraulic wrenches.
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