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GEWISS is a key player on the market manufacturing solutions for home & building automation, energy protection and distribution systems, smart lighting and e-mobility.

Multi-Socket Adapters

The IEC 309 MA range is a range of multipliers, adapters and branched. They are available in currents of 16, 32 or 63 A and have a varying number of outlets and poles in numerous different combinations. These products should be considered supplementary to the system as they are only suitable for use in temporary installations and mobile connections, and they have not been designed for permanent applications.
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Surface-Mounting Enclosures

System of enclosures for wall-mount systems and applications in industrial, commercial and residential environments. The offer consists of watertight boards (in technopolymer, fibreglass-reinforced polyester, metal and stainless steel), junction and connection boxes (in technopolymer and metal) and multifunctional support bases.
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A complete system of IP65 boards for distributing energy in tertiary, commercial sector and building applications, available both empty and pre-wired, in accordance with the international standard IEC 61439. The Q-DIN range comprises boards from 5 to 20 DIN modules, plus supplementary modules of 14 or 20 M to add even more DIN spaces. They can accommodate flush-mounting socket-outlets and interlocked socket-outlets of up to 63 A, and they can be combined with numerous accessories.
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Rotary Isolators

70 RT HP is a complete offer of rotary isolator switches from 16A to 160A, available in boxes both in insulating material and metal, in control or emergency versions, compatible with the main applications for residential, tertiary and industrial contexts.
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Circuit Breakers for circuit protection

The 90 MCB range meets any need for overload and short-circuit protection, for all civil, service and industrial applications. The range consists of MTC (compact miniature circuit breakers), MT (traditional miniature circuit breakers) and MTHP (high-performance miniature circuit breakers).
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Circuit Breakers for residual current protection

The 90 RCD range is ideal for protection from direct and indirect contact in the event of an earth fault. The range consists of MDC compact RCCBs, BD and BDHP add-on RCDs for MT and MTHP miniature circuit breakers and IDP RCCBs.
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LED Floodlight Devices

Smart [PRO] 2.0 is the range of LED floodlights specifically dedicated for professional sport plants and large outdoor areas. Thanks to the new CSP high power LED source, Smart [PRO] 2.0 can provide better lighting performance, simplified installation, reduce maintenance costs and improve the energy saving both in simple and complex systems.
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Electric Vehicle Charging

JOINON is a safe and reliable solution, compliant with current international standards and ideal for private charging with public access and in public contexts, that makes environmental sustainability a competitive success factor.
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