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Sigrist Photometer

Sigrist of Switzerland manufactures a range of photometers for a wide range of parameters, with applications in various major industries such as Oil and Gas, Refineries, Petrochemical, Ship Building, Steel Industry, Beer and Beverages, Water Treatment and others.

Turbidity Meters / Analyzers (Liquid)
Sigrist has over sixty years of experience in the design and manufacture of turbidimeters for a wide variety of applications. Used worldwide, Sigrist turbidimeters are applied in breweries, water treatment plants, wineries, pharmaceuticals, and chemical applications.
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Oil-in-Water Analyzers

The Sigrist OilGuard, Oil-in-Water Monitor, operates on the proven UV fluorescence measuring principle. Aromatic hydrocarbons possess the ability to emit visible light when radiated with UV light. This makes it possible to detect oil-in-water in the low ppm range even if the water is turbid. Note the system can be provided with certifications for Hazardous areas – Class 1 Div. 1 & 2 & EEx-p IIC.
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UV Absorption / Absorption Sensors

Sigrist absorption meters provide valuable information in the ultra-violet or visible region at one or more wavelengths. This allows the user to determine the concentration of substances such as metallic ions or organic compounds in liquids or gases or the color of liquids.
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Dust Monitors
Sigrist dust monitors have been applied for over 30 years for measuring dust concentration in production processes or in the ambient air to ensure good working conditions and minimize air pollution.
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Multiparameter Water Quality Systems

Multi-parameter monitoring of the brewing water.
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Control Units

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